Lifes Stages

Changing jobs, starting a  new business, moving in together, buying a property, getting married, starting a family

Losing a job, splitting up or divorce, losing a loved one, getting diagnosed with an  illness, taking care of a loved one

Case Studies


Jeff…25 yrs old, trainee adviser, single with no kids, salary £30,000

paying money towards rent and student loans so if he were off work due to illness he would struggle to maintain these commitments. If he were off work his employer would only pay  3 months of salary and then he would have to fend for himself. He has no savings.

Jeff conceded he would have to move back home with his parents should the worst happen but conceded he did not wish that to happen.

Needs – making sure he doesn’t have to go back home and to pay debts down

Solutions to his issues are protection of income and against a serious illness.

Jon and Caroline..28 yrs old and 25 yrs old, recently married with no kids…household income £60,000

renting as they are saving up for a deposit on a home. they have plans for the future but worry about affording these. Accident, illness or death would have a serious impact on their financial situations. They would struggle to afford their rent, bills and to go out for meals once a week and holidays twice a year. Plans for children and house purchase also affected.

Needs – house purchase, cost to raise children, holidays and eating out costs, pension need.

Solutions are protection of income, critical illness, pension contribution and protection against death

Adrian and Anna…….37 and 38 yrs old respectively, 2 kids and not married, household income of £75,000

Adrian and Anna own their own homes and have 2 others, one is rented and one in Italy, with mortgages all on 3. They do have £90,000 of savings but as Anna has gone back to University this money is being tapped into regularly. They want to have enough to pay for Anna’s and kids educations. There are some company benefits  but not a lot. They have talked recently that if Adrian’s income were to disappear they would be in a lot of trouble and may have to consider selling assets to cope. The cost of education are a worry and protection of the savings pot would be essential.

Needs – further education costs for Anna and kids, paying down mortgages, protecting savings pot.

Solutions  are life cover, income protection, critical illness and additional cover for life over the mortgage debts.

James and Julia…..53 and 50yrs old, dentist and housewife, married with 2 kids,80k salary for James

The main outgoings are now just a mortgage and household bills and aggressive saving for retirement. Their two kids are now doing masters degrees and require more financial help funding this. Recently Julia’s dad had a stoke so she is helping take care of him. her dad and the kids are additional costs which is eating away any disposable income.

Needs – looking after Julia’s dad, kids master’s degree fees and living costs, mortgage and pensions

Solutions are life cover, income protection, critical illness cover, pension pot life cover, house person cover

Margaret….55 yrs old, self-employed florist, divorced with 2 kids earning £23,000 pa

Recently divorced and sold the family home, Margaret has no mortgage due to downsizing and a fair settlement in the divorce. She has started this new business as it was always her hobby and she is very good at her designs. She has taken a loan to start the business. She also wants to make sure she has a legacy to leave the kids who are no longer dependent financially but have kids of their own and she knows how tough it is to make house payments and raise a young family in London.

Needs – wants to protect savings so they can be passed on to kids, bills and business costs, cover the business loan.

Solutions are business protection, income protection, life cover, critical illness.