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Type of Benefits Available


Workplace Pension Scheme
At present, this is the only benefit that a company is compelled to make available to employees, in accordance with the Pensions Act 2008. A pension is simply a retirement savings scheme into which the employer and employee contribute, with the benefit of tax relief.


Death in Service life cover
This pays a lump sum and/or an income to an employee’s family in the event of their death. This allows the family time to recover from the initial impact and then make the necessary financial adjustments that will follow.


Income Protection
In the event of an employee suffering a long term absence from work due to any sickness or injury, the policy will replace their income (within specified limits) until the day they return to work, or retire, whichever comes first.


Private Medical Insurance
Should an employee need to see a medical Consultant, gain specialist treatment or have an operation. Private Medical Insurance allows them to opt for Private treatment at a time and with the Doctor or Hospital of their choice, instead of joining the NHS waiting list. The cost of treatment is normally covered by the Insurance. Cover can also be extended to cover a Spouse or partner, and children.

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Critical Illness cover
Pays a lump sum in the event of the employee contracting one of a range of serious illnesses.


Employee Assistance Programme
A confidential & professional counselling service providing help and advice to your staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Services range from Stress counselling and medical advice to legal advice and debt counselling.


Health Screenings
Annual health checks to ensure early detection of potential medical problems. Usually includes access to GP advice without appointment at specified local medical centres, annual Flu vaccinations and other ancillary benefits.

Other Medical Benefits

  • Dental Insurance – to cover Dental fees
  • Hospital Cash plans – pay a fixed sum for each night spent in hospital or undergoing specified treatment
  • Optical Cover – to cover a range of costs including eye tests and eyewear