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Trustee Investment Service

The MKC Wealth Trustee Investment Service provides expert independent financial advice to Trustees and solicitors. It allows them to delegate investment responsibility to a specialist wealth management firm, and to evidence that they are fulfilling their obligations under the Duty of Care – Trustee Act 2000.

  • For established Trusts, we assess the existing investments through our Trustee review Service.
  • Trustees receive proper and appropriate investment advice, balancing suitability and diversification
  • Full account is taken of the settlor’s wishes
  • Fairness exists between all classes of beneficiaries and potential beneficiaries relating to income and capital
  • Investments are monitored and reviewed on a regular basis, with careful attention given to investment risk and volatility
  • The appropriate amount of cash is held to balance liquidity and investment return
  • Income, Capital and Inheritance tax considerations are taken into account
  • Trustees receive fair value for investment advice, as we keep costs and charges low
  • A clear audit trail exists for all decisions and changes
  • All research and decisions are reported and documented clearly
  • A trust specific Investment Policy Statement is then agreed and drawn up to document all of the above

Trustees and solicitor retain absolute control. We simply provide the investment advice and report back regularly at Trustee meetings.