Welcome to MKC Wealth

MKC Wealth are pleased to announce the merger with Gibson Lamb.

Gibson Lamb’s owner, Dave Lamb, has said “The time has come for me to look for new challenges outside the Financial Services profession. Customer Service has always been the priority for Gibson Lamb, and we selected MKC Wealth as the best firm to look after our clients”.

Dave will be working with us during the transition and will be on hand to ensure the changes are implemented as smoothly as possible.

We are pleased to confirm that both Emma McMahon & Vicky Baldwin have also joined MKC.

All Gibson Lamb clients who enjoyed a proactive service proposition will have received a letter outlining the details of the merger which states we plan to build on the good work Dave has done in this area in recent years around Financial Wellbeing which we also believe is the cornerstone of a good financial plan.

This merger will be positive news for our clients as they can be confident they continue to have a safe pair of hands to look after them.

If you have any questions about the merger then please do get in touch. If you are looking to contact anyone from the former Gibson Lamb team, then you can email them at firstname.surname@mkcwealth.co.uk or call the office on 0207 702 4488. You can also find anyone in MKC by following the Meet the Team link.