Investment Policy Statement

We help Trustees to prepare an Investment Policy Statement as part of our Trustee Investment Service. The requirement for the document is set out in the Trustee Act 2000 (Section 15). The aim is simply to set out in writing the way in which the investments of the Trust are to be managed.

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An Investment Policy Statement will normally include:

  • Basic details of the Trust, including the beneficiaries and any key dates to consider
  • The type of Trust and associated tax treatment/allowances
  • The tax position of the beneficiaries
  • The investment objectives of the Trust
  • The investment powers of the Trust
  • The level of risk to be taken with the underlying investments
  • Any investment restrictions
  • Income or capital requirements
  • The frequency of ongoing investment reviews and reporting

In our view, an Investment Policy Statement is an essential document in recording how Trustees are fulfilling their obligations under the Duty of Care – Trustee Act 2000.