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Investment Planning


Our approach to investment planning is based on principles established by Markowitz Efficient Portfolio Theory and the Yale Investment Management Approach.  The result is a robust approach, supported by a wealth of academic research, designed to systematically create risk rated portfolios. The object is to achieve realistically achievable returns whilst always managing the level of risk and volatility within pre defined boundaries.

We take great care in understanding our clients’ appetite for risk and volatility. Then recommend modelled portfolios using strategic asset allocation to achieve the desired risk profile. Tactical asset management is delivered by selecting the best performing Fund Managers in each asset class.

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To support this approach to Portfolio Building we recommend contracts providing a greater choice of fund managers, asset classes and contracts allowing us to switch between funds without cost.

Our modelled portfolio’s are reviewed internally by the MKC Investment Committe on a quarterly basis. The results and recommendations are then communicated  to participating clients for approval and implementation.

This approach has been proven to work in a variety of difficult market conditions, to achieve high levels of diversification both in terms of assets, geography and fund management styles. The results show that our diversification achieves particularly well mannered volatility and risk indicators.

An investor may get back less than the amount invested. Information on past performance, where given, is not necessarily a guide to future performance.