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Corporate Clients


Establishing and running a successful business is a major challenge in today’s competitive market. The rewards can be high but so can the risks. Our practice focuses on protecting and growing the wealth our business clients work so hard to create.

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Employee Benefits – We work with companies to ensure that the employee benefits strategy meets the needs of both the business and that of the staff. The potential impact of getting this wrong can be huge. Staff turnover, the profitability of an organisation and the cultural aspects of setting the strategy, can have such a positive, or indeed, a negative impact on the fortunes of a business.

Financial Planning for Business Owners – We work with business owners in ensuring that their business assets are used in the best possible way in relation to their own personal circumstances. Business protection, succession planning and Directors pensions are important considerations, and are key areas of expertise at MKC Wealth.

Practice areas include:

  • Investment Planning and Portfolio Management
  • Employee Packages and Benefits
  • Retirement Planning & Pensions for business owners
  • Business Protection – Insurance (Keyman, Business, Partnerships)


An investor may get back less than the amount invested. Information on past performance, where given, is not necessarily a guide to future performance.